Road Poets

Road Poets is a 3 piece roots rock band with thought provoking lyrics. Think Neil Young and Crazy Horse meets the Black Keys. They play bluesy, riff driven story songs written by lead singer, Dave Teichroeb. The occasional ballad. Poetic story songs about Gabriola, aging, broken homes, travelling, climate change, love, technology, and the pandemic get woven in.

The band showcases a diverse range of Gabriola talent: Dave Teichroeb (guitar/vocals), Kelly Field (bass) and Andreas Kahre (drums) . Road Poets is currently recording a full-length album with Gabriola recording engineer/producer Ron Cote. Ron recorded many famous acts in his career from Stevie Ray Vaughn to the Ramones.

August 5th, 2022 in Nanaimo at Sounds of Summer
Pretend To Be Alive
Sept 4 2021 – Commons Concert – Cortez The Killer
Sounds of Summer, 2022