Road Poets – the album

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Road Poets cover art from Dave Teichroeb

From 90’s rocker to Texas styled singer/songwriter, Teichroeb is back with a 10 song rock album. Pulling the best from his 70’s and 80’s rock influences, Teichroeb blends it with his love of modern Americana music. His first full album recording in 15 years, it’s a knockout punch of catchy riff driven rock. With the assistance of Producer/Recording Engineer Ron Cote(Stevie Ray Vaughn, Blue Oyster Cult, Ramones) Road Poets feels old and new. Teichroeb’s lyrics stand on their own. But, add the flawless production, musical guests, and the well placed musical sprinkles and this borders on crack for your ears. Digging deeper you ask why Road Poets? Teichroeb talk/sings his words like poetry with clever turns of phrase and insight into the human condition. The world reflected locally and globally through his thoughtful eyes. And yes, you can dance to the Road Poets.

Road Poets the Album – Songs and description…

Track Listing:

  1. Yesterday Motel – wistful look back at the good’ol days
  2. Old Technology – grieving the past, and being a bit lazy
  3. Too Big To Fail – brief history of the human world
  4. Goodbye Kiss – living in the present
  5. Breathing In Time – love song across borders
  6. Pretend To Be Alive – a look at getting old
  7. Warmer On The Coast – moving west isn’t always what it seems
  8. After The Go Between – a kid facing the modern home
  9. No Place Like Home – fantasy or running away down the road?
  10. Year Or Two – finding hope in humanity after Covid

Road Poets the band: Dave Teichroeb vocals/guitar, Kelly Field – Bass, Andreas Kahre – Drums


  • Keys – Nico Rhodes
  • Guest- VocalsTina Jones
  • Backing Vocals – Kathy McIntyre & Chris Jans
  • Lead Guitar – Brad Shipley
  • Lead Guitar – Steve Knox
  • Fiddle – Pierre Schryer
  • Banjo – Lewis Melville
  • Sax –  Brian MacMahon
  • Trombone -Andrew Clayden
  • Theremin – Jeff Bird

Produced By Dave Teichroeb/Ron Cote
Recorded & Mixed By Ron Cote (Road Runner Mobile Studios)

All songs SOCAN and meet MAPL 100%

Videos for the first 5 singles from Road Poets

Yesterday Motel – first single for album Road Poets
2nd Single from Road Poets
The “B side” to the second single
Word Video for Year Or Two from the album Road Poets