Road Poets Videos

Each month I will release one or two songs along with Road Poets videos. Yesterday Motel is already out as of march 29th, Too Big To Fail comes out with Old Technology as it’s B side on April 22.

Road Poest album cover by Dave Teichroeb
Road Poets album Cover. Available on bandcamp.

Too Big To Fail is epic tale of the history of mankind. It starts with evolution and ends with Ai. It’s riffy rock song, with bass solos by Kelly Field and guitar solos by guest Steve Knox. Old Technology is and old song from the 90’s. Once The band started playing it we had so much fun we couldn’t help include it on the album Road Poets. These Road Poets videos are the first 3 of 10 that will eventually be created.

Dave Teichroeb writes story songs. Layered lyrics telling the tales of humanity. Whether rocking with his band Road Poets or playing a house concert solo, Teichroeb is a captivating song writer and performer. March 29th saw the worldwide release of his new 10 song album Road Poets on Bandcamp. Single releases will waterfall to the streaming services through March – August 2024. Yesterday Motel is streaming now with Too Big To Fail and Old Technology releasing April 22(Earth Day)