Road Poets Streams and Video

The new album Road Poets is doing really well. On Spotify Dave Teichroeb’s artist account has has over 1,000 listeners this past month of May/June. Road Poets streams and Video on youtube are also getting lots of attention.

Dave Teichroeb and his band Road Poets at the Queens in Nanaimo.
Road Poets streams and Video
Road Poets performing the album live at the Queens in Nanaimo, BC

The song Goodbye Kiss has received lots of praise for the production, recording and quality of songwriting. It’s a modern love story of tragic loss. A reminder to always seize the moment before it’s gone. Here is a word video …

The big surprise is the wide range of folks from around the world who are slowly finding the album Road Poets through Spotify playlists, streams and Video. Exciting times to be an artist!

Dave Teichroeb writes story songs. Layered lyrics telling the tales of humanity. Whether rocking with his band Road Poets or playing a house concert solo, Teichroeb is a captivating song writer and performer. March 29th sees the worldwide release of his new 10 song album Road Poets on Bandcamp. Single releases will waterfall to the streaming services through March – August 2024. Yesterday Motel is streaming now with Too Big To Fail and Old Technology releasing April 22(Earth Day) The most recent release to the streaming services was on June 8, 2024.