Plaster Cowboys

Plaster Cowboys, the kramdens, Dave Teichroeb
Craig Norris, Will Key, Rob Leader, Dave Teichroeb, Steve Knox and Mike Findlay

In 2004 – 2006 I created and performed with the Plaster Cowboys. Essentially me backed by the kramdens.  We were a snappy, rockin’ kick-ass cowboy alt. country sorta thang. We all got to wear our button shirts and cowboy gear. In a way the band has never died as the kramdens still back me on my recent recordings.

plaster cowboys, dave Teichroeb, the kramdens, Guelph
A great homo-erotic poster for a shared gig.
This is the Song Plaster Cowboy and that would be him below giving you a howdy!

Wichita Lineman – Plaster Cowboys Instrumental