Dizzy Maroon

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dizzy maroon, guelph, dave teichroeb
Promo Shot – 1991
Sean Danby, Michael Ostler, Dave Teichroeb, Domenic DiNino, Sean-Trumpet guy

This is the band that started it all. We were young and had no idea about the world of music. We played all the time in Guelph and area, had allot of fun and wrote some great songs. Dizzy maroon won the AM109 Talent contest and was given studio time to record a single. It was the first times we played Toronto at places like Lee’s Palace. A and R guys came to see us and wrote letters back asking for more. We wanted to be as good as the Phantoms, a smoking hot blues-rock band. Dizzy Maroon released two cassettes and had allot of fun. Did I mention we had a allot of fun?