Road Poets Rock the Skol Pub

Road Poets at the Skol, Gabriola

June 18th saw Gabriola’s own Road Poets ROCK the Skol Pub. It was night where all the pieces came together. That would be three pieces, as the band is now a three piece. Back when Rob was in the band and before Fraser, Road Poets were developing nicely as a three piece. Well game on cause the band ripped through two 50 minute sets. Lots of jamming and solos. A new tune – Memory Lane. A few old ones that haven’t seen the light of day for a year or two – Stale Date, Hurricane and Gabriola.

Here’s a few pics courtesy of Melanie.

Road Poets Rock the Skol Pub
Getting our GIF on!!
Road Poets at The Skol

Hey all! See you at the next show tentatively scheduled for August. In the meantime give us a call or message to get your Road Poets T.

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Road Poets Perform On Gabriola

As part of the Gabriola Live series, Road Poets perform on Gabriola at the Community Hall. The set will feature mostly music we have been recording for our new album.

Road Poets Perform On Gabriola

Our set list will include: No Place Like Home, Goodbye Kiss, Warmer On The Coast, How The West Was Won, Yesterday Motel, Yesterday, Pretend To Be Alive, Old Technology, Together, Where Are You, Breathing In Time, Year Or Two, Too Big To Fail and a new one called Shaken Not Stirred.

When Road Poets Perform On Gabriola you get to dance and mingle!!!

In other news we are busy recording tracks with Ron Cote of Road Runner Mobile. Ron has recorded with many major acts over the years, including Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ramones, Blue Oyster Cult and Doug and The Slugs.

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Year Or Two – A Pandemic Song for the Lockdown

It’s been almost a year since I wrote YEAR OR TWO – a pandemic song. I planned to record it in December with Kelly Field, Rob Remmurda & Ron Cote. We will record it as band but for now here’s the lockdown version & video. (Please subscribe to my Youtube channel as well).

Other music and videos are found here

Year Or Two

6 feet apart or 6 feet under
Masking my face, living like a prepper
Plexi glass between me an you
They say we get it back in a year or two
Isolation suits me fine I keep my distance, stand in line
Almost out money, rents overdue
They say we get it all back in a year or two 

A year or two, a year or two, Where you gonna be in a year or two?

Old folks dying alone and scared
Front line workers treated unfair
Just like you I don’t know what to do
They say we get it all back in a year or two
Ready or not, here I come
You've been tagged, but the game ain’t done
I made it home free, but what about you
They say we’ll get it back in a year or two 

A year or two, a year or two, Where you gonna be in a year or two?

Jets stopped flying oil stayed in the ground
The whole world breathed took a look around
Said “this aint no Kobayashi Maru"
Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few
Needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few
They say we’ll get it back in a year or two 

A year or two, a year ot two, Where you gonna be in a year or two?
(Dave Teichroeb 2020).

Gabriola Songs Release Concert Raises $4,000 for PHC

The sold out Gabriola Songs CD concert was a roaring success with over twenty acts performing! I produced the CD and organized the concert with Ivan Bulic and Gerry Stefason. Many other volunteers helped out to make this one of the great musical nights on Gabriola.

$4000 was raised for People For a Healthy Community!

Thank you, thank you!

dave Teichroeb, gabriola songs,
Happy to see music help the community