Concert On The Green with Road Poets

Concert On The Green with Road Poets is the biggest show we will do this year and we hope you can make it out, Attendance is usually between 1,000 – 1,500!

Road Poets will be performing at August 10 at 5 pm -6pm at the Gabriola Golf Club

Special guest, Nico Rhodes on keys. We will be debuting our new album during the 45 minutes set.

Road Poets at Concert ON the Green

Concert On The Green with Road Poets will be a seriously rockin’ good time. Think Neil Young and Crazy Horse meets the Talking Heads. Bluesy, riff driven tunes written by lead singer, Dave Teichroeb. The occasional ballad. Poetic songs about Gabriola, aging, broken homes, travelling, climate change, love, technology, and the pandemic get woven in.

The band showcases a diverse range of Gabriola talent: Dave Teichroeb (guitar/vocals), Kelly Field (bass) and Andreas Kahre (drums). It’s not uncommon for musical guests to be added in at live shows. Road Poets is currently recording a full-length album with Gabriola recording engineer/producer Ron Cote.