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All my music is now available on all the streaming platforms! Don’t foget to follow.

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It is important to know musicians really only make money when they play live. All the other stuff is essentially ways to promote and keep the fans and audience connected to their music and careers. Times have changed from when an artist sold CDs at record stores, online or at concerts. It’s very important to FOLLOW the artist. This is their connection to you. Each time they upload music you’ll be told about it. It also helps them gain credibilty and more inclusion in the streaming service’s official playlists. When a musican is added to an official playlist it’s almost the same as what getting played on the radio was in the “old days”. Help feed the algorithym.

Streaming Services Don’t Pay Musicians… Much

I also need to mention this about streaming. Most musicians get so little from the streaming services the music is essentially free. Below is a chart showing average payouts. From a high of .01 cents per stream on Amazon to .0001 cents per play on Youtube. An example on Spotify is 1000 streams would make the artist $3. About enough for a beer. Buy your favourite artist a beer when you see them too!

stream Dave Teichroeb

Find Another Way To Support Musicians

Always find another way to pay for your Gabriola music on streaming services. Band Camp allows Artists to sell their music directly to you. (Some Artists will only stream through Band Camp bcause they offer this.) Throw a big tip at the market when they play live. Pay to watch their online concerts. Buy a ticket to see their concert. Go to their website and buy a CD or other merchandise. Spotify allows artists to post a link for you to send money directly to the artist. My link is to fundraise for a new CD.


Most of all listen. Join or find a streaming service and listen. Learn the songs and words. Find your favourite songs. Follow to help my music gain more attention and to for you to know when new music is released. I will play live again. Nothing is greater than the thrill of seeing fans mouthing or singing along to the words of a song you wrote.

See you on the lawn this summer, Dave Teichroeb