Dave Teichroeb

Dave Teichroeb writes story songs. Layered lyrics telling the tales of humanity. Whether rocking with his band Road Poets or playing a house concert solo, Teichroeb is a captivating song writer and performer. March 29th sees the worldwide release of his new 10 song album Road Poets on Bandcamp. Single releases will waterfall to the streaming services through March – August 2024. Yesterday Motel is streaming now with Too Big To Fail and Old Technology releasing April 22(Earth Day)

Dave’s has 5 older CD’s  of original songs as Dave Teichroeb and are available on all streaming platforms. Before working as a solo artist he was a founding member and principle song writer of rock bands Dizzy Maroon(1989-92) and  Dissemblers(1993-97)

Dave Teichroeb moved to Canada’s West Coast from Ontario in 2007. He has also lived in Alberta and Texas. You may know him from DROG or Dave’s Records of Guelph. An independent label he operated with Lewis Melville from 1990 – 2000. DROG released over 75 CDs and worked closely with distributor Outside Music. Notable bands were – RheostaticsSkydiggersthe InbredsKate Fenner/Chris Brownthe kramdens , James GordonJeff Bird and many other independent Southern Ontario acts. You may also know Dave from his weekly radio show – Road Poets Radio on Chly-Nanaimo and CHFR-Hornby Radio.

Dave Teichroeb who?

•	Performed for 2,000 at Concert On The Green(2023)
•	Toured Germany twice with his 90’s Band Dissemblers
•	Toured Ont. for yrs from The Horsehoe to Zaphod Beeblebrox
•	Lived and toured in Texas for 4 years 
•	Opened for Guy Clark, Gurf Morlix, Billy Joe Shaver, Stephen Fearing, 54-40, Big Sugar, Tom Wilson, the Kramdens & many more
•	Recorded 6 albums as Dave Teichroeb so far…
•	Owned and ran Dave’s Records of Guelph (DROG)
•	15 years as radio host of Road Poets Radio in Nanaimo
•	Created and managed 22 Gabriola Live shows during COVID
•	Took 10 years off music to raise his daughter
•	3 rock bands (Dizzy Maroon, Dissemblers, Road Poets)
•	lives quietly on Gabriola Island, BC
•	Just released  "Road Poets", first album in 15 years

The Album Road Poets is finished! Use this link to go to Bandcamp to listen and purchase

Use this link for everything else, like streaming sites and video…

Road Poets album cover

Road Poets the album – 2 years, 10 songs, 12 musicians

Track Listing:
1)Yesterday Motel – wistful look back at the good’ol days
2)Old Technology – nothing like a pair of hands and some tools
3)Too Big To Fail – brief history of the human world
4)Goodbye Kiss – living in the present
5)Breathing In Time – love song across borders
6)Pretend To Be Alive – a look at getting old
7)Warmer On The Coast – moving west isn’t always what it seems
8)After The Go Between – the modern family 
9)No Place Like Home – fantasy or running away down the road?
10)Year Or Two – finding hope in humanity after Covid

The Band
Vocals/guitars – Dave Teichroeb
Bass – Kelly Field
Drums – Andreas Kahre
Keys – Nico Rhodes
Backing Vocals – Kathy McIntyre & Chris Jans
Lead Guitar – Brad Shipley(Yesterday Motel)
Lead Guitar – Steve Knox (Too Big To Fail)
Fiddle – Pierre Schryer(Goodbye Kiss)
Guest Vocals – Tina Jones(Breathing In Time)
Banjo – Lewis Melville(Breathing In Time)
Sax –  Brian MacMahon(No Place Like Home)
Trombone -Andrew Clayden(No Place Like Home)
Theremin – Jeff Bird(Too Big To Fail)

dave Teichroeb musician
Performing on Gabriola in 2022, Photo-Bill Pope
dave Teichroeb rocking out as a young man
Rock and Twang in 1996 Bath Ontario

Throughout 2021-2022 Dave Teichroeb was the Project Manager for Gabriola Live. He booked and organized 20 live performances of Gabriola talent. Many shows were sold out and the series was a huge success financially as well as boosting morale and earnings for arts workers during the Covid19 Pandemic second year.

In 2018 he produced Gabriola Songs , a 40 song double CD of Gabriola Island musicians and song writers. His song Duster was recorded by the Kramdens in 2015, for their CD release No One Here Is Reflecting Any Light, with Dave as the guest vocalist. Road Poets, his theme based radio show goes to air every Friday 8 – 9 pm. Road Poets is on CHLY- FM in Nanaimo (101.7 FM and streams at www.chly.ca)  A show that features the best in contemporary  folk and Americana music. The show is also podcast here   – www.mixcloud.com/RoadPoets

Cheatam Street Warehouse – Texas 2003

Who the hell is Dave Teichroeb?